BVMs and Staff Unite for Alzheimer’s Research

Sisters and staff at Mount Carmel were honored with an award for the Top Fundraising Team for the 2016 Alzheimer's Walk in Dubuque, Iowa. The award was presented on Nov. 1 by Alexandra Barton, program and event coordinator at the Alzheimer's Association, Dubuque. In all, staff and sisters raised over $9,000.

The fun began when the “Working Unitedly Team” at Mount Carmel held their own “Olympics” in early August. Teams representing 10 colors, each made up of 30 employees and sisters, competed for one week to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research—a cause near and dear to the Sisters of Charity, BVM!

“Opening Ceremonies” commenced on Aug. 3, followed by a week of fun-filled competition between the teams. Ten boxes labeled with team colors were placed at Mount Carmel entrances and all were encouraged not only to “bring their change” but to “be the change,” helping to raise awareness of the disease and the upcoming Alzheimers’ Association Walk in Dubuque on Sept. 10.

At the week’s end on Aug. 10, sisters and staff braved the heat and humidity in the Joan Doyle Garden at Mount Carmel for a “Mini Memory Walk,” followed by root beer floats. Over 128 participants walked a total of 122,250 steps. All of the teams were declared winners, as they had dug into their pockets during the week of friendly competition and raised a total of $3,934.81 for the Alzheimer’s Association!

After the Mini Walk, a grand total of $4,871.93 had been raised by sisters and staff for Alzheimer’s research, and everyone was proud to be a member of TEAM PURPLE, the real winner!

But it didn't end there! By the time the Sept. 10 Alzheimer's Association Walk in Dubuque was finished, donations from staff and sisters had exceeded $9,000.

Updated 12.13.16

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